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The colours were too light previously, so I darkened it. I also put some of these up on Society6.

These are perfect pastel graphics! Soooo cute!


Yes! If you’d like to be pen-pals then message me with your address! :)

I had a pretty good day today. I was only working until two and we had a new display to set up, which I enjoy doing. Some displays, like the watches are a bit more annoying to set up, but I was doing the Chamilia beads which are much easier to arrange!

I went for a walk around the shops in Cambridge afterwards, looking at the charity shops and in Blott and Terminal D, two of my favourite places to browse. I also went to the library and Waterstones and spent ages browsing the books but I didn’t buy anything. I want to look at some books with really good writing styles so I can improve my own writing.

I’ve decided to apply to do a Masters degree in Creative Writing at Anglia Ruskin University. It will be super convenient because the campus is only about five minutes away from the store and, in any case, the lectures and classes are scheduled in the evening, from 6pm. I will probably do it part-time to spread the cost.

On Saturday Sam and I went to their postgraduate open day and we went round the campus and talked to the tutors. Sam was considering doing a masters in publishing or, possibly, sociology but decided against it in the end because of the cost and the difficulty in getting to lectures.

He still wants to do some sort of regular study, however, part-time so he’s now considering the part-time public courses that Cambridge University runs. They do a good History of Art course which would fit in around his work schedule and is pretty affordable. It’s a qualification course too, with a Undergraduate Certificate, which is great.

I’m really excited about the idea and I should be able to start this September if I’m accepted!

Okay, so in You’ve Got Mail, Meg Ryan sends out a message addressed to no one, reaching out for someone to talk to about her vague emotional nonsense. She says she is just ‘sending a message into the void - hello void!’

What in the holy hell does that mean?! What is she doing? Where is she sending that message? Is she posting on a forum? Is she writing some sort of online profile on a website? Is she attempting to send an email to someone or everyone on the entire internet? What exactly is she doing?

I know that email was all new and everything but I feel like the writers only had a very vague and abstract idea of what the internet was and how it worked.

Also later on she says to Tom Hanks, ‘I own a shop - did I tell you that? Well it’s closing down…’ but how could she even doubt that he knows that she owns a shop. She uses the username Shopgirl! What other conclusion could he draw?

Also - I think that’s just crazy, no one calls themselves something like that on the internet. If she’s into books she would call herself  something after a character or maybe a nickname that her mother used to give to her.

Mainly though it’s the ‘first’ message that troubles me. How is Meg Ryan submitting it? Where to? How does Tom Hanks find it?

日光 by ひみしろ