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I took my bike on the train for the first time on Friday. It’s too big and heavy to take on during rush hour and I have to stand with it and nanny it rather than take a seat but it makes the ride to and from the station far easier and nicer. It’s been quite sunny this weekend so I’ve been dressing in my summer dresses - but by the afternoon it tends to get colder and I regret it!

I went to see Nicola on Friday because she was babysitting my niece, Chloe, and I wanted to see the both of them. I was planning to watch Disney’s Frozen with Chloe because I was thinking she’d enjoy it a lot but apparently she’s already seen it many times and Nicola had been watching it with her all week!

After Nicola was done babysitting we went shopping in town. I bought two pairs of shoes from shoezone and a shoulder bag from the charity shop. It’s been a while since I spent so much money on clothes/accesories, though it was only £25 in total!

I bought volume 6 and of Sunshine Sketch from amazon, along with a manga called Anouther, based on a horror novel. I bought the latest volumes of Sunshine Sketch since I’ve been re-reading the series and really enjoying it. I haven’t finished reading Anouther yet but I bought it after Amazon recommended it to me. It seems pretty good, though it doesn’t flow as well as it could.

Yesterday I went to Peacocks tearooms with Mary’s. It was a really nice day and we had a good chat and catch-up. She’s still looking to move back to Edinborough, which is a shame, because if she does move away again I will probably be forced to actually make the effort to travel to Edinborough and visit her!

Game of Thrones IS ON TONIGHT! They didn’t show the episode at 2am this time, as they did with the premiere, which is annoying because we shall have to wait until 9pm. It’s almost time now though!

I’ve just been working on finishing-up a new layout for my blog. This one uses pastel-shades a lot more and is a bit more subdued. I haven’t finished linking everything-up perfectly yet, there’s a couple of pages which need work, but it’s functional enough for now.

Since I last wrote a diary entry we moved house and we’ve been settled-in for just over a month now! It looks really nice and I’m very happy with it. We had the walls painted and the carpets replaced before we moved in so there isn’t really anything that needs doing now - except for a tap that’s dripping a little.

I’m pretty excited about the new season of Game of Thrones that’s starting tomorrow! I’ve invited my friend from work, Claire, to come watch it with Sam and me since she doesn’t have Sky.

I’ve been listening to lots of audiobooks lately and when I’ve got time I want to do a lot more book and manga reviews! 

I totally agree with your post thank you for writing it I was getting a little peeved seeing all these people replying "yeah its so hard being a parent and we sacrifice so much raising our own kids" that I was getting a little mad because that wasn't the message of the story.

Thanks. I don’t want to be over-critical because its a nice little advert but I really don’t people should put the ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ label on it, given the context of teenage pregnancy. The comments and articles seem to stress the idea of the ‘good’ young single mother (the Virgin Mary example that this advert puts forward) and the ‘bad’ young single mother (the promiscuous teenager).

It shouldn’t matter how a baby is conceived or a parent’s past.  It IS hard to be a parent and that’s a fair comment, though the advert is positive - stressing the love and achievement in it. :)